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Shaddai Kennels Gallery
Ares, Zero the beagle, my grandson Michael and Carmel all in sleepy land.
Koby at the UKC Premeirs July 2010
This was Gracie's second show at the Priemers 7-10
Sam, David, Carmel and Zero the beagle.
Puppies first outing   7-30-11
Not sure what to do!
Home Slice and Gabriel with Seth in the back ground.
Boy it is all new
Eve stacking naturally
Opps I took a poo (Artemas).
​Eve, Why are you doing this?
Eve strutting
Gee hope I don't step in it.
Seth and Sophia
Now we gather at the basket.
Sure was a short outing
Put me back in put me back in!!  Eve
Eve content back in the basket
Puppies back in the basket
My grandson David with Koby
Puppies have fun
ut oh forbidden territory
You can't catch me